questions? perhaps these will help!

Any type of workout or pool attire is great for our classes.

Our team provides you with a towel and Nordic hat during every class. If you would like to purchase these at our front desk you can!

Remember hydration in the present comes from the days beforehand. For before
sauna it’s great to drink frequently throughout the day and add in electrolytes as
needed. For after sauna Andrew Huberman suggests 16oz for every 10 minutes
you’re in a sauna that day.

We recommend treating this a little like a workout. It’s best to not eat a large
meal 90 minutes before and to keep food light

Our saunas range from 180 degrees to 200 degrees during class times. However where you sit in the sauna can really impact how hot it feels. Lower to the ground and closer to the door is cooler while higher up and closer to the stove feels much hotter.

Our plunges, depending on outside weather, will range from 40-50 degrees. The
important thing to note is that the benefits of cold plunge come from our own
unique tolerance to cold. Some of us may be get benefits from 50 degrees while
others need to be in cooler water to get a benefit since they may be more

Absolutely. Embrace the breakthrough which you are going to experience. It’s life

We ask that you always consult with your primary care provider before you come
to our classes to make sure you are able to withstand the extreme heat and cold.
We are not a medical facility so it is up to you to make sure there are no
contraindications to partaking in our classes. We also ask that if you have any
open wounds or if you just had a medical procedure that you consult with your
medical provider on the timeline which you could return to our therapies.

Yes. Our team takes sanitation very seriously. It’s important to know that all members will shower off with cool water prior to getting into the ice bath during the transition from hot to cold.

Not many, but some people wear water shoes, others barefoot. The choice is yours. (People’s feet and hands get cold the quickest in the ice bath so if you would like some sort of covering we recommend getting ice bath socks.

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