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We want to bring ancient healing techniques supported by modern science to every major city in the United states with an ultimate goal of helping communities Relax – Recover – Reconnect.
In our space we aim to provide an experience that helps you…

■ RELAX from the stresses of daily life.

RECOVER from your workout routines.

RECONNECT with your community, self, and awareness.


core Values


Our community is what makes us strong and helps us heal. Hot and cold therapies like sauna and cold plunging have been around for a long time. When we bring these therapies into a group class environment, the community of individuals partaking in the class forms a connection which grows and strengthens.


It’s all about the experience and enhancing your self-awareness. With our professional guides we provide a unique experience to reconnect and have a memorable  mind + body healing experience.


Every day we show up is an opportunity for growth. When you show up at Embers & Ice you get a chance to challenge yourself in powerful ways that help you grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. The hot and cold are challenging in different ways, yet each provides an environment for personal growth. 



We are here to serve everyone. For those individuals who partake in group classes and are looking to add one of the best recovery protocols to their routine, we are for you. For the spiritual individual who wants to reconnect with their breath and awareness we are for you. For the hard-working person who wants to relax and destress before or after work, we are for you. For those who have an ongoing battle with mental health we are here for you.

The beautiful thing about these therapies are that they can help any and every one in all avenues of life.

Expectations and


At every class our guides lead you through a mixture of breath work, community conversation, and mindfulness practices to help you relax, recover, and reconnect.

Our classes are 60 minutes long and consist of the following:
• 3 rounds
• 15 – minute sauna session
• 3 – minute cold plunge session

our sauna

Many modern facilities use infrared saunas, but our sauna is a nordic style sauna. Why did we choose the nordic style? First, many of the health benefits that come from the sauna happen when the sauna is roughly 175 degrees – 212 degrees. Most infrared saunas top out at only 150 degrees. Secondly, we have a larger sauna that allows enough space for a group class setting.

The Finnish community has been using a sauna like this for thousands of years. It has a set-up which allows for dry heat and steam when water is poured over the rocks. We implement this during the sauna session along with aromatherapies. 

our community

When we do things together that are challenging a few things happen… 

First – we usually push ourselves much harder, like during a workout. In the sauna and cold plunge, being in a group setting gives us that extra push to focus on our breath, pay attention to our experience, and potentially stay in the cold or heat just a little longer.

Secondly – groups that go through challenges together have a stronger bond. Life is not meant to be gone through alone, neither are our classes. We want to help our local communities heal and become stronger together, forming lifelong relationships outside of our classes to take on any challenge which might come their way.

our guides

When a class is led by a trained professional it allows you to achieve the optimal benefits. Our guides are educated in breath work, mindfulness practices, and in the science of heat and cold exposure. Many of our guides have a diverse background in health and wellness including CrossFit coaches, yoga instructors, breath work practitioners, and personal trainers.

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